The Data Decency Act is, constitutional, unconstitutional, struck out the anti-indecency identity and transaction provisioning service of the Act.

Client identification information is obsolete as an IDAZ09™ inventor in Australia has been developing new technology that will replace its predecessor.


Data Decency Act

The inventor of an IDAZ09 has developed a draft 'Data Decency Act'. The Act is a draft Bill that broadly outlines how IDAZ09 technology could be adopted and implemented without the need to amend current legislation.

Offences under
the Data Decency Act

There would be a number of serious offences under this Act (Bill) for which the unauthorised use of client information could be prosecuted. The Act has been strengthened over several years to ensure that there are significant penalties for data protection for those who attempt to dispose of or conceal information to defeat data protection. The time period for such action is viewed as criminal often precedes the commencement date of national privacy and data protections.